January 2019

Hello! We want to thank all of our friends and fans for making 2018 the best year we have experienced as Deal Casino. 

We’ve created some amazing music, not to mention some great #content, and have experienced facets of being in a band that we’ve been looking forward to for way too long. It was amazing in so many ways, but it was also very scary as well. And this isn’t just about our personal experiences this year, but what people in our country and around the world are experiencing every day. Hatred and bigotry are being adopted by far too many individuals, and complacency seems easy, but this will just make problems worse. As a group, we want to help those who are fighting for civil rights and equality. For the month of January, we will be donating all of the proceeds from purchases on our Bandcamp page to the Southern Poverty Law Center. This nonprofit organization focuses on fighting hate and bigotry through litigation and education to bring the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity to reality. We’ve started our support with a $200 donation. Please help us in this pledge by purchasing our music through Bandcamp or through direct donations at https://donate.splcenter.org/ .

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a Happy New Year.


Joe P, Joe C, Jon Rodney, and Chris